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    As a grand-slam award winner of the American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), German iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design), Nitecore is the world's leading specialist manufacturer of illumination and electronic tools for pro-level users in different trades and fields. They are provided with our products through Nitecore global distribution network covering more than 100 countries and regions. Our mission remains constant: make the best for the best. We are dedicated to making the dream gear that exceeds their expectations.


    Yes, we believe in the power of gear. The cool gear makes you outstanding while the right gear can simply be the difference between making it or not. Our creation brings the best help because we make sure it does. We are campers, hikers, mountaineers and enthusiasts of diving, cycling, fishing and boating. We receive trainings from shooting, hunting and search & rescue. We share with them the same passion on rocks, mountains, roads, water and ice, in the woods, the sea, the rain, the fog and even the snow. We share with our customers the same definition of the right gear as we understand what they have been through. Such understanding is the source of our new ideas and perfect designs.


    Innovation has rooted in our DNA since the company was founded by flashlight fanatics. They are obsessed with the latest technologies of all kinds and are bold in applying them in the design of our illumination products. We boast the most innovative designs and best user experience and performance in the industry: the world's first AA-based flashlight that featured Infinite Variable Brightness (the Nitecore NDI); the world's first flashlight that featured Smart Piston Drive System (D10); the world's first flashlight series that featured 3rd generation Smart Selector Ring technology; the 2014 ISPO Award Gold Winner CR6 with white/right dual powerful output; the 2013 China Outdoor Industry Award Winner HC50 etc.


    Nitecore flashlights are innovative, robust, super effective and intuitive illumination tools. They are designed for a wide scope of applications, including outdoor sports, law enforcement and tactical scenarios as well as industrial utilities, and provide the best assistance to outdoors sports enthusiast, law enforcement officers, tactical users and personnels of different professions. Our flashlight collection offers plenty of choices in size, operating preference, performance and powering solution. Every Nitecore flashlight deserves to be called a masterpiece. You are guaranteed to find the right light for the job.


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    Picture of Nitecore NU10 Headlamp (Black)

    Nitecore NU10 Headlamp (Black)

    $49.00 $69.00
    To allow you to use this headlamp anywhere, the polycarbonate housing is water, dust, and impact-resistant. It incorporates two rubberized pushbuttons and a covered Micro-USB port for charging its rechargeable Li-ion battery. The included elastic headband is fully adjustable and will readily fit over your head, cap, or helmet.
    Picture of Nitecore EC4GTS High-Performance Blazing LED Searchlight

    Nitecore EC4GTS High-Performance Blazing LED Searchlight

    $129.00 $169.00
    Nitecore's black EC4GTS High-Performance Blazing LED Searchlight is manufactured from die-cast 6061-T6 aluminum alloy in two parts: the body and tailcap. Using this method reduces overall weight and size. The unibody design also makes the entire body a heat sink to help regulate the light's temperature—especially at high outputs.
    Picture of Nitecore DL10 LED Dive Light (30 Meters) IPX8 Rating Torchlight

    Nitecore DL10 LED Dive Light (30 Meters) IPX8 Rating Torchlight

    $139.00 $169.00
    Illuminate the beauty of the aquatic world at depths as great as 30 meters with the compact NITECORE DL10 LED Dive Light, which features white and red modes and an emergency strobe function. It is specially designed for underwater sport applications, but can also be used as a primary dive light or a backup photo/video light.
    Picture of Nitecore TUP 1000 lumen keychain LED torchlight (Black)

    Nitecore TUP 1000 lumen keychain LED torchlight (Black)

    $85.00 $119.00
    NITECORE is revolutionising the everyday carry gear by packing more technology and power into its new pocket flashlight. The NITECORE TUP delivers a super bright 1000 lumen beam with distances up to 197 yards yet still fits comfortably in your pocket. With its dual side switches, the TUP allows users to quickly switch between 5 brightness levels with a direct access to Turbo.
    Picture of Nitecore Thumb LEO 45 Lumens USB Rechargeable White & UV LED Keychain Light (Tilt-able)

    Nitecore Thumb LEO 45 Lumens USB Rechargeable White & UV LED Keychain Light (Tilt-able)

    $39.00 $59.00
    The NiteCore THUMB LEO is an bright, lightweight, versatile key chain. It packs a bright 45 lumen white output, but weighs less than 1 oz! Optimized for law enforcement officers, the THUMB LEO is also equipped with an ultraviolet black light, great for currency verification, fluid detection, scorpion hunting and more!